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We  are located on the west coast, Southern California .We prefer local pick up so we can meet the new parents. But  if your unable to pick up your new baby we'll ship him or her to you. This is depending on location here's what your looking at to ship  We don't control the shipping charge  it's just what it cost to ship the more notice the better the price 


Ground $400.00-$700.00 
Air Transport $550.00- 1,000.00    

We only ship within the USA. NO INT.

 I understand that all animals (your puppy) are no different than people and are subject to genetic health dispositions. The seller does not guarantee against IE: Eye problems (entropion), skin problems (hot spots), Ear infections or any other health problems that may occur later in life as my puppy grows. The seller assumes/ offers no liability and/or warranty for any problems or cost that occurs and it will be the buyer’s sole responsibility to obtain treatment / pay cost etc.

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 I understand that The seller has registered the puppy with CKC registries and will provide papers to the buyer, if the registration papers are unavailable at the time of purchase , then they will be mailed as soon as they are received

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 Buyer will not have the dog destroyed for any reason other than extreme illness. The dog shall not be left at a shelter, Humane Society, or rescue. In the event Buyer wishes to no longer keep the dog it is to be returned to Seller along with CKC registration or application for registration     Buyer is responsible for all costs involved with the return of the dog and No refund or replacement will be given. In the event the buyer wishes to re-sell said puppy then the seller must first be notified

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 Buyer agrees that this dog is to be kept in a healthy environment, supplying food, shelter, water and proper veterinary care. This dog is not to be kept on a chain or a rope at 
anytime and should have a fenced yard or be walked on a regular basis. 

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 The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health and the puppy has received their  shots for parvo, prior to going to their new home. Puppies will not be release to go to their new home prior to receiving their  shots, NO EXECPTIONS! 
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I understand that if I live in a apartment or rented dwelling that it is my responsibility to obtain written approval from my dwelling manager PRIOR to placing a deposit and or purchasing a chow puppy. No refunds will be given on deposit or purchase 


Deposits are non refundable (NO EXCEPTIONS) Once a deposit is placed either in person or by internet (Paypal) The buyer understands that the deposit placed will not be refunded even If the buyer decides not to continue the purchase for whatever reason. The deposit placed will be considered forfeited and no refund will be given  or transferred at any time this also applies if the buyer is placing a deposit on two puppies the agreement will apply per puppy. Placing a deposit to hold is a commitment to buy and a guarantee from the seller that the selected puppy will not be sold to anyone else but the buyer

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Shipping: If shipping a puppy the shipping must be paid along with balance of puppy no later than 6 weeks of age. Shipping arrangements will be made after the payment is received. Arrangements will be made in the best interest of arrangements will be made after the payment is received. Arrangements will be made in the best interest of the puppy which will be by Ground, Air Or accompanied. There will be no refunds of shipping cost and shipping cannot be cancelled once made. Puppy will ship at 8 weeks or later either on a Saturday or Sunday in Am hours only. 

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I the buyer have read and understand all of the above, further more I understand that my puppy is no different than a new born baby they will wine, chew, bark and even have accidents while being potty trained. I understand that raising a puppy is the same as raising a new born baby (not a stuffed animal that you would just put on the shelf). I understand that purchasing this puppy will require work and devotion and I agree to show my puppy love always and forever , attention and patience while they are learning the rules of their new home. Furthermore I understand that all sales are FINAL and NO REFUNDS for purchase and or / deposits will be given at any time.

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Signature _____________________________ Date ____________

Address _______________________________________________

City _____________________________State ______________ 


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